Rosemary Branch Theatre

2 Shepperton Road, N1 3DT London

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Aurum Collective

16.10.17 7.30pm 120 minutes £10 Unattended Items Programme

The Aurum Collective is a group of young musicians producing performance art, contemporary classical and electronic music. We create work designed to excite and challenge our audience in equal measure, but this work comes in a wide range of forms. Beautiful soundscapes, angular improvisations, pithy social commentary, genre bending pieces- this is but a few of the things one can expect from an evening with the Aurum Collective.

This month’s program includes:

I think I hate my degree – Rowan Perrow – A sardonic performance piece examining the pressures of academia 

“You know I just think, how the fuck do they really expect me to perform under those circumstances?… when there’s too much external pressure, it shows- and I don’t just mean like my well-being – I mean like you can hear it. The music, it’s clumsy… then there’s an outside force pushing against you, you know?”

Divertimento – Zafaran Landers –  A divertimento is a lighthearted piece in the galant style- known for its simplicity, immediate appeal and elegance. In this piece even if the layers are independently simple and elegant, the overall effect is likely to be less so.  A work for two string players and two radio operators, which explores the sensory pollution of our time and advertising complicity in it. 

Interview for Cello and Piano – Henry O’Brien – An electronically infused duet. 

“You must ask yourself; how much of what is spoken to someone else encapsulates what you are trying to get across?

This piece encompasses a dialogue between two people, be it spoken or unspoken. The two people are represented by an instrument. Both performers have recorded previously and much of the performance is taken from that recording session. Sometimes the music represents what is said. Sometimes it’s a continuation. Sometimes it asks more questions about what is to come.”

Democratic Shuffle for Piano and Page-Turner – Barnaby Goodman – An exercise in audience participation, or rather audience determinism. This piece is made up of a series of miniatures, and at any point during one of these miniatures an audience manager may shout “NEXT”. Once a certain number of “NEXT”s is reached the current miniature will be skipped and the proceeding one started. It is important to note that each audience member is only given one “NEXT”. Much like in other democratic situations the opportunity to choose comes with the opportunity to choose wisely.