2 Shepperton Road
London N1 3DT

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06.05.17 7pm 1 hour £10 Unattended Items Programme Great Night Out


*WINNER of The People’s Choice Award at the Vault Festival 2017*

A selection of rough, raucous and bawdy short (illegal) plays from the 17th century, unperformed for almost 400 years, from award-winning company The Owle Schreame. Unique, interactive, and genuinely engaging; drunken, unmissable theatre.

In 1642 theatre was made illegal. Theatre didn’t die.

Without a stage, without costumes or props, one man made it his mission to keep performing and to keep British theatre alive – stitching together Shakespearean scenes and medieval interludes, soaking them in sex and violence and bawdy, unintellectual humour. So it was that a strange and dangerous new type of illegal theatre was born: The Droll.

You may think that you know classical theatre. You don’t. The Drolls challenge the safe, friendly, elitist and intellectual notions we have of the Shakespearean stage, cutting it all away in favour of pantomime, carnival, sex, farts and shouting. No other professional company has staged the Drolls since the 17th century, and all but the most specialist of scholars are completely ignorant of the fact that they ever existed. This was sketch comedy for the working man, performed in pubs and back alleys, hundreds of years before the first working mans club or comedy store. We want to redress the balance of historical theatre, and bring back a taste of the rough, visceral, populist performance style that existed alongside the likes of the Globe.