Rosemary Branch Theatre

2 Shepperton Road, N1 3DT London

I’ll be your baby tonight..?

28.01.19 7:30pm 1 hour £11 Ages 16+ Unattended Items Programme Great Night Out

Relationship Therapy for Millennials      

I’ll be your baby tonight..?  is an interactive experience where audiences and a performer ‘date’, collectively creating their ultimate relationship ‘to do list’, which they then play out through a series of semi-improvised, interactive games. This performance makes its audience the key protagonist as the other half of this two-way relationship, that journeys through the highs and lows of finding love in an era of apps and online dating.  

A combination of clowning, stand-up/confessional storytelling and interactive ‘gameplay’, which aims to uplift its audience, celebrating the messier side of human nature: cock-ups, vulnerability and all.     

This performance is aimed at those of you that have ever Loved, are in Love or want to be in love, who are currently navigating their way around the world of dating/relationships and are looking for an outlet for their previous and current relationship track records. Forming an alternative version of relationship therapy for millennials that is funny, heart-warming and honest; shaped from the romantic expectations of one performer and sixty…something audience members.

Created and Performed by emerging performer and Dyslexic theatre-maker Holly Delefortrie in collaboration with Sophie Powell (Director and Clowning Specialist). Heidy Twelvetrees (Psychotherapist), Rhiannon Lawrence (Sound Designer) and Simon Chorley (Lighting Designer).    

Catch this newly developed show at The Rosemary Branch Theatre before it heads to Edinburgh, Brighton and the Camden Fringe Festivals later in the year.

Previous Audiences Responses:

“Really really funny, very relatable. I haven’t seen anything like it.” 

“I think we all come out of the performance feeling better, I loved it”

“I love the way she is able to take any feedback from the audiences and turn it into a few minutes of really good comedy.”

“This is a rare show, one that is gentle, moving, and very funny”