2 Shepperton Road London N1 3DT

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Jack Left Town: The Improvised Rockumentary

26.03.17 7pm 2 hours £10 Unattended Items Programme Great Night Out


An incredible night of improvised comedy, hosted by London’s favourite improv supergroup. Our show tells the story of the greatest imaginary band the world has ever known, Jack Left Town. It’s an improvised rock documentary in the spirit of Spinal Tap.

Also starring:


Keith are an improv group named Keith. They’re made up of some spectacularly funny folks who will be delighting your senses and tickling you pink. A group with such talent and class they have their own monthly residency at the Free Association.

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Classic ANDY

You know that thing someone you know does? Something that is classic them? Maybe they can’t stop clicking pens, they laugh at inopportune moments, or they just always see the positive in any situation. Tell Classic Andy about it and we will dedicate a show to that person, using their unique characteristics to inspire a series of free flowing improvised scenes.


Look at this list of humans. These are the magnificently talented humans of Geraldine: Maddie Rice, Michelle Fahrenheim, Linus Karp, Kirsty Mann, Aileen Madden, Dom Ashton, Robert Frimstone, Laurie stevens, Ryan Maksymic, Matt Hutson, Cathy Young, Colin Leggo, Cailin Neal, Zina Badran, and Adam Grant. Blimey.