2 Shepperton Road
London N1 3DT

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Of The Crowd

31.01.17 - 01.02.17 7.30pm 1 hour £10 Unattended Items Programme


So here you are. You are not extraordinary or particularly special. You are here because you are right for the job. It is an important job. It is a job where you will be helping to make something. It is important that you know, that it is not important that you know what you are making. Just follow my instructions. All will be well.

Put your headphones on and enter the dream-like world of Of the Crowd, where you are Charlie, Mary or Clive, where the tests keep on testing, you stick to your scheduled daily daydreaming and the subject of your work begins to form ideas of its own.

Inspired by video games and theories and the rise of artificial intelligence, this immersive performance explores the point at which humans and computers might overlap. Perhaps it will be terrifying. Perhaps it will be beautiful.