Rosemary Branch Theatre
2 Shepperton Road London N1 3DT

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08.11.16 - 26.11.16 7.30pm Tues - Sat 1 hour £12 / £10 Unattended Items Programme Something A Little Bit Different


In the grand tradition of literary terrorism, Hannah Silva rips up her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Surrounded by the crumpled pages she attempts to put the female body back together, rewiring the defunct language of erotica to investigate the final years of Kathy Acker — ‘high priestess of punk’. A journey through texts and voices pregnant with pleasure and pain, mothers and babies, domination and submission. In a performance as strange as it is beautiful, we discover there are no safe words.

A powerful and subversive new solo performance presented by Penned in the Margins.

A whip-smart, irresistibly seductive tour de force from the always astonishing Hannah Silva: a high-risk entanglement of limbs and lines, a restless toss-and-turn of tongue meeting text in the heat of strangeness and the dark heart of desire – Chris Goode
A remarkable piece, richly suggestive, enveloping and sensual but also smart and edgy enough to leave the odd papercut! – Maddy Costa

Free entry with a ticket to Schlock!
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