Rosemary Branch Theatre

2 Shepperton Road, N1 3DT London

Adventurers Wanted: Omen

30.04.18 7pm 4 hours £10 Ages 14+ Unattended Items Programme Great Night Out

‘The most fun hour at the Fringe’ – Exeunt on Adventurers Wanted: Odyssey, Edinburgh Fringe 2017  

Adventurers Wanted bring their unique mix of tabletop gaming and performance to the Rosemary Branch with new adventure Omen. Epic storytelling, improvisation and gameplay combine for an unpredictable show defined by the players’ choices. By turns hilarious, tragic and dramatic – but always surprising – Adventurers Wanted offers something for theatre-lovers and gamers alike. 

In this first chapter of an all-new story, the partially submerged village of Clearshore is rocked by strange goings-on: the young children have disappeared, mysterious figures with a single glowing green eye are seen at night, and whispers speak of a shadowy, long-hidden organisation. As night approaches, it falls to the captain of the town guard to try and tell who can still be trusted…

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