Rosemary Branch Theatre

2 Shepperton Road, N1 3DT London

Halloween Whole Punch

29. & 30.10.18 7:30pm 2 hrs £11 (includes £1 ticket fee) Ages 14+ Unattended Items Programme Great Night Out


This is Halloween Whole Punch.
Brought back by popular and less popular demand.

Whole Punch – A show featuring ragtime, 80s synth, clowns, Mozart, some avant-garde or other, silence and Slavic funeral songs, hosted by Clint, former game show host and F-list pop star, known for his UK hit parade hit ‘Clint says RELAX’ (Nr 86), who usually resides in his condo in Reno and is a huge fan of huge baroque low end singspiels.

Halloween Whole Punch includes opera, mime, performance art, body building, clowning, the 80s (80-89AD), contemporary music, folk, improvisation, and a game show (with halloween prizes to be won!)

Featuring: Lucy Armstrong, Julia Masli, Matthew Lee Knowles, Klara Kofen, Ellie Westbrook, Nilufar Habibian, Robert Duncan, Frankie Thompson, and James Oldham.

You’re very welcome to turn up in fancy dress!

“The word eclectic, so often misused, at last gets some real-world rehabilitation in this genuinely exciting, surprising and thoughtful evening of music, theatre and comedy” – Charlotte Valori

“I didn’t think I could drink so much oat milk until I became part of Whole Punch” – Open Mike

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