Rosemary Branch Theatre

2 Shepperton Road, N1 3DT London

Rising Tides: 01

30.08.19 7pm 100 minutes including 10 minute interval £11 Ages 12+ Great Night Out

Rising Tides is a platform developed by GBworks to support performance-based artists making unique work that prioritizes collaboration, equality and openness. The formation of GBworks was instigated by Gianna Burright and Gwynne Bilski’s desire to create ongoing platforms to showcase their own work while also supporting and presenting the work of other female, female identifying, and non-binary artists. Rising Tides;01 is the first in an ongoing series where Gianna and Gwynne carefully curate an evening interdisciplinary work spanning dance, theater, performance-based art and live music, in conscious celebration of the power of feminine identities. 

Rising Tides: 01 will feature work from dance makers Gwynne Bilski, Gianna Burright, Ariana Daub, Grace Keeble (Alive Contemporary Dance Company), Rachel Laird and Clara Cowen (Sliding Doors), Amy Toner, and Jay Yule, as well as singer/songwriter Lexi Wells. 
Come be part of the first ever edition of Rising Tides; experience a wide variety of work by local and international artists, and support and celebrate female-led arts!
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