Rosemary Branch Theatre

2 Shepperton Road, N1 3DT London

Rob Kemp: Wheel of Shows

18.07.18 8:15pm 1 hour Ages 14+ Unattended Items Programme Edinburgh Preview

Feeling the pressure of unexpected success last year with ‘The Elvis Dead’, Rob Kemp returns with the non-committal, imposter syndrome-motivated ‘Wheel of Shows’.

Ostensibly a game show format, Rob has a sparkly jacket and a spinning wheel. Onto the wheel he has stuck a whopping ten (TEN!) show ideas, gambling on the possibility that one of them is a winner. He’ll spin the wheel and perform whichever show it stops on. The reckless idiot. Will it be Beatlesjuice? Godzilla with puppets? Something self-referential set in a bookshop?

Who knows? Not him, cos the wheel definitely isn’t rigged.

Join Rob as he wrestles with technical issues, home-made props and the eternal questions; ‘what do they want from me?’ and ‘how good is my Rod Serling impression?’

100% absolutely NO SINGING*. Probably

Come roll the dice** on Wheel of Shows!


Edinburgh Fringe Best Newcomer 2017 Nominee

Chortle Best Newcomer 2018 Winner

Malcolm Hardee Comic Originality Nominee/Most likely to earn a million quid Winner

Barry Award ‘Comedian’s Choice’ Best Performer Winner

BBC New Comedy Awards (knocked out in the heats)(twice)

*There may be… look, it’s March as I write this

**This show features approximately zero dice. Dies? Dice?