Rosemary Branch Theatre

2 Shepperton Road, N1 3DT London

Self-Help Yourself Famous

22.- 23.07.19 7.30pm 60 mins £8 14+ EdFringe Preview Unattended Items Programme

Self-Help Yourself Famous grants the audience access-all-areas where A-list, pop-star celebritiés Felix Scoot and Lee Delamere welcome you behind the velvet rope to a self-help masterclass on how to become as famous as they are!

Drawing on their sizeable years in the music biz with chart-topping band “Felix & The Scootermen”, they’ll extract you from your meaningless lives and teach you how to write the hits and play the fame game … and win! … BIG!!

But being famous is no free-ride, as you’ll soon find out.

This brand new work-in-progress has songs, laughterisms and inappropriate uses of space-hoppers. Are you prepared to find out if you can make it in the fame game? Of course you are! Now shut up and drink Felix and Lee’s delicious Kool-Aid.

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