Rosemary Branch Theatre

2 Shepperton Road, N1 3DT London

Shrill Voices Showcase

24. & 25.03.19 7pm 2 hours 15 mins FREE Ages 14+ Unattended Items Programme Great Night Out

The Shrill Voices Residency is a brand new programme designed to kickstart fresh work by female writers.

Join us on the 24h and 25th March to see snippets of these four exciting new plays.

Swallow by Katerina Watson
The humiliated wife of a disgraced mogul readies herself as she awaits his return. In the #metoo era, a darkly absurd look at the excruciating aftermath of a Hollywood scandal. 

Tiger Mum by Eva Edo
Constance is on a mission to ensure that her 11 year old bi-racial son, Elijah, lives beyond his 18th birthday. A one woman show examining the notion that safety is a privilege for the few.

The Feeling by Roisin Sheridan
Pressure and choice collide in the interweaving stories of several women. A blisteringly honest investigation into personal experiences of abortion.

HoneyBEE by Eleanor Dillon-Reams
Kate, having had her world turned upside down and vomited back up at a festival, needs to rediscover who she is. Combining spoken word and a thumping, original soundtrack, a one woman show that holds nothing back and flips the bird to the patriarchy.

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