Rosemary Branch Theatre

2 Shepperton Road, N1 3DT London

The Right Kind Of Trouble

15.02.18 7:30pm 2 hours £10 Ages 12+ Unattended Items Programme Great Night Out

The Right Kind Of Trouble: An Improvised Universe

Have you ever done something really cheeky? Tell us a secret and we’ll build you a show.

Every night we create a completely improvised universe – and then we make mischief in it. It’s a rich, varied playground of interconnected scenes and stories, an energetic and fast-paced show filled with playful, lively characters, and, of course, plenty of trouble.
The Right Kind of Trouble trained at London improv companies Monkeytoast and the FA. You won’t want to miss this hot mix of London’s most up-and- coming improvisers.
With special guests:

The Die Hards are an avant-garde group of nude acrobats from Finland. I’m kidding, they’re improvisers like the other acts. Forged in the embers of Monkey Toast they are a super group of London’s improvising talent. Their self-devised show explores an audience suggestion from two team member’s unique and personal perspectives.


The Pioneers’ continuing mission is to explore new worlds and to boldly go where no other improviser has gone before. In these new worlds they create fun, fast-paced scenes with characters that you care about, even if that character is a spider who’s your boss or a talking gargoyle.

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