barge on the canal

2 Shepperton Road, N1 3DT London

Whole Punch presents: Clint’s Boat Party

13. - 14.08.18
70 mins
Ages 14+
Unattended Items Programme

Arrive 7:00pm at the Rosemary Branch Theatre box office to be led to the barge for an 8pm start.

Clint’s Boat Party is a two night event hosted by, and starring, Clint of Waste Paper Opera Company’s Whole Punch. After six months in the black box, Whole Punch is leaving the Rosemary Branch Theatre, and taking to the water, for the summeriest contemporary music, theatre, comedy event you will find in these here waters, on this here boat.

Come and sit back in a custom built inflatable theatre boat on the Rosemary Branch of the canal for an experience like no other.

As well as being the party of the summer, Clint’s Boat Party is a series of studies based loosely on the following of Henri Bergson’s laws on laughter:

“Any arrangement of acts and events is comic which gives us, in a single combination, the illusion of life and the distinct impression of a mechanical arrangement”

Including game show, music, comedy, performance art, opera and clowning. This unique exploration will change the way you think about life, make your diaphragm ache from laughter, make your hands hurt from clapping, and make your ears tingle from hearing such dulcet tones.

The show has been written by James Oldham and devised with Suzie Purkis, Isabella Broccolini and Matthew Durkan.

Featuring special performances from theatre artist Isabella Broccolini:

and opera singer Suzie Purkis:

More on the Waste Paper Opera:

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