Shrill Voices

“Women make up the majority of theatre audiences, but are still underrepresented as writers. We need more programmes and initiatives aimed at giving women the space they deserve to make their voices heard.” Anja Kulessa, Shrill Voices Coordinator & Executive Producer

Shrill Voices is a new residency programme for female identifying writers & creators at the Rosemary Branch Theatre. After a successful Shrill Voices festival in 2019 we are looking to expand our programme in 2020 and offer more long-term support to our participants to help them kickstart fresh work and grow as artists.

Applications for Shrill Voices are currently closed. Follow us on twitter under @Shrill_Voices for all updates.

writers in residence 2020

Kaarina Kendall with Measure
Model. Woman. Human. A satirical account of a person’s life as all three as they size up what counts. This raw, energetic and darkly comic play exposes the conscious experience of objectification and the invasion of the body in a revealing, no-holds-barred 60 minutes.

Zoe Mills with SHERO
Shero is a dark comedy centred around Adrienne Butts: misfit, friend, fighter, lover, survivalist, feminist, academic writer, accidental internet sensation and above all a 90’s action film enthusiast. But when Hollywood wants to turn her life into a film it turns out the script needs a serious edit… or else her life does?

Saher Shah with Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a current, sometimes comedic, sometimes dramatic take on one British Asian Woman’s experience of life after divorce, navigating life with everything that it entails. We follow Larki, a mid 20’s strong headed woman, as she discovers what she does and doesn’t need in her quest of self discovery. Supported by family, friends, society, ‘Aunties’ and ‘BFF’s,’ Larki finds who she was, is now and wants to be from now on.

Gabrielle MacPherson with Outside
Outside By Gabrielle MacPherson – who ‘brings the audience to her comedy knees’ (London Pub Theatre Reviews 2019) and delights in scaring her audiences – is an hour long one woman show which asks the question: Is revenge ever justified? Deep inbuilt fears, about what lies beyond her front door, keep Willa in. But when horror strikes, will she finally go outside? Leaving audiences questioning whether murder can ever be understood, they will be privy to her darkness, her light and the evil happening behind closed doors.

Esohe Uwadiae with Pots & Pans & Prayers
Set in a kitchen, ‘Pots & Pans & Prayers’ examines the relationship between a mother and her three daughters as they navigate secrets, lies and tragedy in their family’s history.

Zoe Woodruff with The London Boys
The London Boys is a story about young queer womxn in the 1970’s finding themselves as the LGBTQ movement finds itself. It is loosely based on the David Bowie song of the same name, and follows our 18 year old protagonist Finch as she moves to London and begins to build a life for herself, independent of her parents and the Home Counties attitudes that she’s been brought up around. We see her fall in love, find her feet, lose her bearings and become part of the gay revolution of the summer of 1972.

Jessica Munna with Colossus
Colossus is the story of Lee’s life after her father’s untimely death and how the nature of his death and the world’s reaction to her grief reshape the way she sees the world and herself. Lee reenacts her life by embodying American television caricatures, constantly “changing the channel” driven by her need to keep moving. When she realizes there is nowhere left for her to go, she is forced to ask herself: when you can’t go back, how do you go forward?

Katie Duncan with Refuge
Three women from different worlds find themselves living side by side in a women’s refuge, where in order to become the authors of their own futures they must first let go of their pasts.

Cecilia Gragnani with 35
At 35 Cecilia is experiencing the full circle of life – minus the joyful music and lions – with her father dying just two months before her daughter’s birth. Struggling with grief, breastfeeding and feeling like an overall failure as a mother, Cecilia can’t shake the thought that she somehow took her father’s life by giving birth. Trying to set things right, she is determined to make her father’s memory part of her daughter’s life. This is the story of their encounter.

Matila Wilde & Kerry Frampton with I Love You, But F*ck Off
Watch this hilarious mother & daughter duo attempt to untangle themselves from one another and retrace the events that defined their relationship without ending up in a close spoon or physical fight. I Love You, But F*ck Off is a devised, autobiographical show, that delves into the complexities and difficulties of mother and daughter relationships, through the lens of their own relationship and verbatim testimonies from a broad range of other mothers and daughters.

Rosie Barwick with Sinnerman
Sinnerman is a 2 part musical, featuring the music of Nina Simone. Centred around the themes of race as well as the position of women in society we delve into the ever-evolving culture of 1960s London.

Shrill Voices 2019

Our Shrill Voices residency started last year with an inaugural writing festival. Across two weeks we invited eight playwrights into our rehearsal spaces and hosted four evenings of showcases of their work. Those shows have gone on to various other venues doing runs at Soho Theatre, the Pleasance, Theatre503, the Edinburgh Fringe and Vault Festival.

Eleanor Dillon-Reams with HoneyBEE

Winner Scotsman Best Newcomer Award EdFringe 2019
Winner ThreeWeeks Editor’s Award EdFringe 2019
★★★★★ “Dillon-Reams is a star in the making” – The Scotsman
★★★★★ “Has a truth at its pulsing heart that you cannot help but be moved by” – ThreeWeeks

Next: 28th Feb at Vault Festival | @Elle_D_Reams

Eva Edo with Tiger Mum

Lyn Gardner’s Top Pick at Vault Festival 2020

“a lyrical and selfless story of parenthood” – Sean McEnaney

As seen at Theatre503, Traverse Theatre and Soho Theatre

Next: 13th – 15th March at Vault | @TigerMumPlay

Jodie Irvine with Gobby

★★★★★ “Irvine proves she is both an exceptional writer and natural-born performer” – Broadway Baby
★★★★★ “A raw, triumphant and soaring one-woman odyssey” – Stage Whispers
★★★★ “excellent
” – The Stage
★★★★ “a boisterous and heartfelt production” – LondonTheatre1

Next: on tour in Australia | @GobbyPlay