The Rosemary Branch logo is a moving triangle representing a multi-faceted space. Each plane is a different colour. The triangle shrinks and grows while rotating.



Our festival of female, femme and non-binary led clowning and comedy at the Rosie.

'Cherchez la femme' is a somewhat cheeky French phrase. It embodies a cliché of detective pulp fiction: no matter what the problem, a woman is often the root cause. However, to many of us this could be stated conversely: no matter the woman, there is often a problem she is having to solve. And usually, with a good dollop of humour. So this International Women's Day, we are turning detective to 'look for the woman’ in our own way.

With an incredible line up of female, femme and non-binary artists, this is a season of shows to celebrate, interrogate and explore the brilliance of comedy and clowning in brand new ways. When you look for the woman, who knows what else you'll find.

Katie Pritchard
Paulina Lenoir
Ella The Great
Grubby Little Mitts
and various artists at scratch night 'The Sticky Bits'

Join us this March 1st-18th at the Rosie to Look for the Woman!

With thanks to @inkterrorist for the festival artwork.

COVID-19 Safety
Here at The Rosemary Branch, we carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and are proud of our efforts to ensure the safety of our team and patrons. We continue to be in line with the current UK government guidelines and we are always reevaluating to make sure we are being as safe as possible, whilst maintaining a welcoming environment.
There are always face masks and hand gel available throughout our venue and the team continues to practice the highest standards of hygiene possible. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to talk to the management.