The Rosemary Branch logo is a moving triangle representing a multi-faceted space. Each plane is a different colour. The triangle shrinks and grows while rotating.


to the Rosemary Branch Bar

On this spot, a tavern of some description, has been hydrating revellers since ..... and we have no plans on stopping anytime soon.

Across all of our spaces, we believe that everything should be of the highest quality, no matter what your tipple, budget, or occasion.

Whether you be a true cider fan, looking for a single varietal, small batch production of an individual vintage scrumpy, or you're a complete Teetotaller looking to explore one of our current 9 options of alcohol free beer, we believe we've got something for everyone.  

We have 23 x beer lines, dedicated to pouring you the best beer we can get our hands on. With a strong focus on showcasing some of our local breweries wares, balanced with the odd import from further afield, you'll be hard pressed not to find an ale for your occasion.

Our wine selection covers the breadth of the globe, whilst not neglecting some incredible home grown drops, and we wont even begin to talk about our our over a hundred bottle strong spirit list!

All you need to know is everyone is welcome, and accommodated for, with passion and pride in your satisfaction. Cheers!

COVID-19 Safety
Here at The Rosemary Branch, we carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and are proud of our efforts to ensure the safety of our team and patrons. We continue to be in line with the current UK government guidelines and we are always reevaluating to make sure we are being as safe as possible, whilst maintaining a welcoming environment.
There are always face masks and hand gel available throughout our venue and the team continues to practice the highest standards of hygiene possible. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to talk to the management.