The Rosemary Branch logo is a moving triangle representing a multi-faceted space. Each plane is a different colour. The triangle shrinks and grows while rotating.



A special space for performance on the border of two London boroughs offering a patchwork of interesting, fun, inspiring events.


What’s the outlook for 2023? Sunshine or showers? It's impossible to know. We want you to come with us this year as we step into the unknown, holding the torch together.

Our horizons have been so close these past few years. 2023 is about looking out beyond the horizon, whether it be personal, political, societal or global.

In order to look out we must have a starting point; we need to know what’s inside. Sometimes exploration takes introspection and it is our hope that by encountering people, stories and performances out of your ordinary, it will place you in a position to better understand what it is to be human - what it is to be you!

We are proud that since we reopened post-pandemic we have offered free rehearsal space to People of the Global Majority. This is an initiative we will continue into OUTLOOK with the hope that we can secure funding to maintain this important offer throughout the year. Please get in touch to enquire. Looking out helps us to look in and assess what we are doing well, as well as what we can be doing better. We will use OUTLOOK as an opportunity to learn and grow, we hope in multiple ways.

Let’s stand on the outlook together this year, shining a light on all we are yet to discover.

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes. Carl Jung

COVID-19 Safety
We encourage patrons to wear a mask while moving around the building and when seated in the theatre.

Seating is not socially distanced. The theatre is ventilated before and after every performance with regular and thorough cleaning of touch points. Hand sanitiser and face masks are available onsite.

We regret that our theatre is up a flight of stairs with no wheelchair access available.