The Rosemary Branch logo is a moving triangle representing a multi-faceted space. Each plane is a different colour. The triangle shrinks and grows while rotating.


Curious Puppets Festival

Curious take-over!

Puppetry fills the Rosemary Branch.

What do you think of when you think of puppets? Kermit the Frog? Punch and Judy? Certain politicians...?

What about the evolution of the world told simply with human hands? Or a mythical tale of grief explored with clothes pegs and feathers? Perhaps an apocalyptic pony club bursting from a suitcase?

Curious School of Puppetry presents an evening of wonder. Of magic. Of silliness and sexy flamingos. A journey through some of the many possibilities of the world of puppetry. Four short shows in one evening, made and performed by ex-students of Curious School. The school exists to nurture UK puppetry, pushing boundaries and growing the community.

Are you curious?

Find out more about the different artists and their shows below.

Icarus Has Fallen is a short work about Daedalus, Icarus’s father, and his experience post the death of his son. Sitting at his desk one day he discovers a new piece of information that changes everything. Icarus was right?


Combining visual theatre, an original soundtrack and puppetry, Hopeful Monsters is a playful exploration of all living things being made of the same fundamental building blocks. Constantly shifting and changing, human hands move and morph in unusual ways, creating unexpected creatures as we journey through water, earth and air. It’s a story of survival and struggle, of connection and transformation. A reminder of the playfulness of living. After all, we humans are animals too. (This piece will be in the Thursday and Friday shows only).


Venus. Once a goddess of love and femininity. Now a razor blade brand, Buy One Get One Free.

The macabre fairy tale of a beautiful woodcutter’s daughter and some long (hairless) legged pink birds. Flamingo uses storytelling, clowning, and object theatre to ask if beauty really is skin deep...


Just your standard puppet show in a suitcase about the apocalypse. Except this time, the apocalypse begins at the Pony Club. The Pony Club at the End of the World features terror in the trifle tent, catastrophic cream teas, and a Portaloo-related emergency. May contain showjumping.

COVID-19 Safety
We encourage patrons to wear a mask while moving around the building and when seated in the theatre.

Seating is not socially distanced. The theatre is ventilated before and after every performance with regular and thorough cleaning of touch points. Hand sanitiser and face masks are available onsite.

We regret that our theatre is up a flight of stairs with no wheelchair access available.