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James Rowland & Joe Sellman-Leava (A Work-in-Progress Show)

James Rowland show


A desert island disc spun from threads of the future. About life, humanity and of course James Rowland will die at the end of the show.

Be one of the first people to watch this developing new work from James Rowland ( ***** the guardian (lots of other good reviews but that’s the most showy one (also I have had some bad reviews but I think I average at about 4.3 stars which would be worrying if I was an Uber driver but it’s really quite good for theatre))).

Also to be clear- I think theatre criticism is not the best way of judging what and what isn’t good but I’ve gone with this as the blurb now and if you’ve found it off putting then do tell me because fundamentally I think if I get you in the room you’ll be glad you came but I’m never to sure the best way of getting you there.

Lots of love


Ps. It will be a good time.

Joe Sellman-Leava show


Join writer-performer Joe Sellman-Leava and designer Dylan Howells as they unpack the shared myth of money, and the stories we tell about it.

Directed by Katharina Reinthaller, IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID! examines the weaponisation of economics within politics, and asks why most of us (including the makers of this show!) don’t really understand the social science which profoundly affects our lives.

Catch this work-in-progress from the Fringe First winning creators of LABELS, MONSTER and FANBOY.        

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