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London Playback Theatre presents: Loneliness & Community

Bringing your stories to life through the magic of spontaneous theatre.

This show takes a dive into your stories of community, belonging, solitude and loneliness. What do these words mean to you?

London can sometimes feel a lonely place; sometimes a place of vibrant community. Which London do you experience? When, where and how does it shift between the two? What about our different cultural understandings of community? And our varied takes on loneliness? And how does our use of tech play into all this?

Join us for a captivating evening of Playback Theatre, where we invite your stories and bring them to life right before your eyes! To find out more about Playback Theatre and how it works, have a look here.

The London Playback Team is a vibrant, multi-cultural collective of theatre makers, educators, activists, and wellbeing professionals.

COVID-19 Safety
We encourage patrons to wear a mask while moving around the building and when seated in the theatre.

Seating is not socially distanced. The theatre is ventilated before and after every performance with regular and thorough cleaning of touch points. Hand sanitiser and face masks are available onsite.

We regret that our theatre is up a flight of stairs with no wheelchair access available.