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Selected Recordings of Us

They promised they would never forget each other, no matter what. Then they broke up. As the detritus of their relationship gradually crowds the stage, two characters grasp at the fragments of their memories to come up with a shared version of their story. But can they agree on a single script?

Originally programmed as part of VAULT Festival 2022, Undone Theatre are proud to present their “ambitious”, “moving”, “bold and fascinating” (There Ought to Be Clowns) show at the Rosemary Branch Theatre. Selected Recordings of Us is a queer love story that cannot find a stable form and demands that the audience interact, take sides, and be pictured alongside it. We’re gathering evidence to prove what happened, to prove something happened, and you’re a part of it.

Exploring the notion that, for queer people, the project of remembering is at once personal and political, this non-linear two-hander asks how the camera frames our memories, how technology constructs the person we love, and whether a story can ever resist diffraction.

This project is funded using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, with the generous support of the Rosemary Branch Theatre, Boundless Theatre, Glass House, and Raze Collective.

Creative team:

Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer: Gabriele Uboldi

Co-Writer: Georgia Louise Luckhurst

Co-Producer: Chloe Ashley

Stage Manager, Videography: James Henderson

Performer 1: Anna McKelvie

Performer 2: Sojourner Hazelwood-Connell

Video performer 1: Naomi Denny

Video performer 2: Kalifa Taylor

Lighting design: Joe Underwood

Marketing & Outreach: Cup of Ambition

COVID-19 Safety
We encourage patrons to wear a mask while moving around the building and when seated in the theatre.

Seating is not socially distanced. The theatre is ventilated before and after every performance with regular and thorough cleaning of touch points. Hand sanitiser and face masks are available onsite.

We regret that our theatre is up a flight of stairs with no wheelchair access available.