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Son of a Bitch

Written and performed by award winning comedian, actor and writer Anna Morris, Son of a Bitch is a brutally honest and darkly funny monologue about a woman who is caught on camera calling her 4 year old son a c*nt during an air-rage incident.

When the video goes viral Marnie's life violently unravels. Now the whole world knows her darkest secret, but what happened before someone pressed record and captured the worst 10 seconds of her life?

Told through our protagonist, the story builds to the moment Marnie explodes at her son. Revealed through snapshots of the plane journey: the flight from hell and flashbacks of her 20s and 30s, as she feels the pressure to fit into the heteronormative world of marriage and kids.

Son of a Bitch explores the fetishisation of motherhood, and questions the common misconception that the childless might regret not having kids. Perhaps some parents regret having them?

This debut play is a bold one woman piece about maternal ambivalence.

Creative team:

Written & performed by Anna Morris

Directed by Madelaine Moore

Presented by The Thelmas in association with Josie Underwood

Lighting design by Megan Lucas

Sound design by Ellie Isherwood

Dramaturgy by Dave Jackson

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