The Rosemary Branch logo is a moving triangle representing a multi-faceted space. Each plane is a different colour. The triangle shrinks and grows while rotating.


Vuelta al Submarino

A collaborative performance by vocalist/composer Lydia Samuels and dancer/interpreter Katharine Löffler.

Through movement and live electronically manipulated sound the artists conjure the “submarino”, a submerged future world that is no longer habitable to humans due to our destructive actions towards the planet and its ecosystems.

In this darkly beautiful place we encounter our descendants, human/marine creatures who have managed to adapt to a new, airless world, free from the confining structures that once defined us - gender, social class, property, inheritance, consumerism… These alluring creatures of the submarino, while liberated, are haunted by what came before. They carry the weight of humanity’s history in their muscles, their veins, their bones, their breath, their cries. Their bodies cannot forget.

COVID-19 Safety
We encourage patrons to wear a mask while moving around the building and when seated in the theatre.

Seating is not socially distanced. The theatre is ventilated before and after every performance with regular and thorough cleaning of touch points. Hand sanitiser and face masks are available onsite.

We regret that our theatre is up a flight of stairs with no wheelchair access available.